Tuned City day 2 / block 2 / 3 pm / Brunnenstraße 9

Rahma Khazam
Sounds like Architecture

short presentations / project demonstrations
magma architeture / Sam Auinger (consultant)/ Gehörgänge
Mark Bain / Arno Brandlhuber (b&k+ Arno Brandlhuber, Berlin) / BUG

Mark Bain

afterwards tour:

installation / Staalplaat Store / Le Petit Mignon
Brandon LaBelle / Room Tone, 18 sounds in 6 models

installation / Aedes Trafohaus / Pfefferberg
magma architeture / Sam Auinger (Beratung)/ Gehörgänge

installation / Großer Wasserspeicher (a project by singuhr – hoergalerie)
Aernoudt Jacobs / Echolocation

installation / Wasserturm Quartier (a project by singuhr – hoergalerie)
Akio Suzuki / oto-date NA GI SA

installation / Kleiner Wasserspeicher (a project by singuhr – hoergalerie)
Ulrich Eller / Talking Drums


The construction site Brunnenstraße 9 of the architect b&k+ Arno Brandlhuber gives the opportunity to look at practical perspectives and concrete architectural approaches and projects that work with sound as material and plan a design idea from an explicit acoustic perspective.

Rahma Khazam examines several recent architectural projects in which sound plays a prominent role: these range from projects in which architects apply acoustic or musical notions to the design of buildings, to collaborations between architects and sound artists, some of which seek to blur the distinction between the two disciplines.

Tuned City has attempted to encourage several new collaborations in this context, and will introduce two very different projects and their processes here: BUG, a work by Mark Bain and Arno Brandlhuber that is planned as a permanent installation, will be demonstrated on the construction site, and the collaboration between sound artist Sam Auinger and magma architecture who will work on a prototype of acoustic design.

After this is the chance to visit several partner exhibitions: At the Staalplaat Store, Brandon LaBelle opens his project Room Tone. In and around the water reservoirs in Prenzlauer Berg Carsten Seiffarth of the sound gallery singuhr – hoergalerie will give an introduction to the works Echolocation by Aernoudt Jacobs, oto-date NA GI SA by Akio Suzuki and Talking Drums by Ulrich Eller.