A city-object by eyland 07, René Rissland + Jürgen Lehmeier (D)
acoustic consulting Prof. Sam Auinger (A/D)

Sonic sofa is a multifunctional object. It’s more than an urban furniture, it’s a transformer of urban sounds and an acoustic oasis. The best place for the sonic sofa is near sound polluted and highly frequented streets and other places of bad noise. But the object is not simply a noise barrier. Sonic sofa is an effective transformer of bad noise into good noise.
The cube is made of PVC drain pipes.  Pipes of different length convert the incoming noises and the listener inside the cube receives a new quality of hearing of urban sounds. The incoming noise reflects inside the tube and is changed by resonation.
Because of the different length of the pipes the volume of the cube is concave. People can sit inside and listen to the urban sounds.
The pipes can also be used as active instruments, windpipe instrument, sonic shelter or mono-concert hall. By rotating the object from one side to another it implicates different possibilities.

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