Mario de Vega – Spiegelung


Bavarian Goasslschnalzer (traditional whip crackers), large moving mirrors, massive amounts of water – preview of Tuned City 2018 with a new commissioned work by Mario de Vega in the famous Wasserspeicher Berlin (former historic cisterns). Chapter 2 will premiere in Ancient Messene, June 1st – 3rd 2018.

Prolog – Chapter 1
Großer Wasserspeicher. Berlin, DE.

Prologue (performance)
Instructions for two whip crackers.
Two whip crackers follow a score to be executed in the Water Reservoir of Berlin, Prenzlauerberg, exploring the acoustic qualities of the architectonic construction though a direct interaction with reverberation.

Date: 24.3.2018, 20 Uhr
Place: Großer Wasserspeicher, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Entrance Belforter Strasse
Performer: Andreas Rohmer / Klaus-Peter Seher (Heimat- und Trachtenvereins Weilheim)
Composition: Mario de Vega
Recordings: Adam Asnan

Fall (installation)
For 24 hour time frame, custom amplification system, electronic signal & electromechanical valves.
For 24 hours, a custom made amplification system and a software engine designed by the artist will be installed in the center of the Wasserspeicher. 2 electromechanical valves – designed and constructed for the architectural conditions of the exhibition space – will be installed in the accesses of the fourth and third rings. The contractions rotate in a fixed angle, acting as filters, interacting with the 18 seconds echo experienced inside the water tower. The construction is made of wood. One side is cover with plexiglass and the other with absortion material.

Date: 24.3.2018, 20 Uhr – 25.3.2018 20 Uhr
Place: Großer Wasserspeicher, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Eingang Belforter Strasse
Composition: Mario de Vega
Construction: Torsten Oetken
Electromechanical valves: Carlo Crovato
Curator: Carsten Stabenow

more info:

Prologue, Chapter 1 + 2 are commissioned by Tuned City and funded by Initiative Neue Musik e.V., Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin and Tuned City/Oanssis Cultural Center Athens as part of the Creative Europe cooperation project “Interfaces”.


„Spiegelung. A prologue and 6 chapters“ is composed by a series of performative interventions using context, signal amplification and situational approaches as materials for interaction. For this purpose, exploring the semantics of amplification, the tradition of representation and the imperfection of the inert; staged actions and performative situations are arranged in the form of a score to be executed by professional and non-professional actors, musicians and dancers, resulting in a performative piece constructed for 6 chapters.

Prologue / Chapter 1. Großer Wasserspeicher. Berlin, DE.
Chapter 2. Tuned City, Ancient Messene. Messene, GR.
Chapter 3. Convento de Religiosas Capuchinas. Querétaro, MX.
Chapter 4. Public space. Amsterdam, NL.
Chapter 5. French Pavillion. Zagreb, CR.
Chapter 6. Atelier Nord. Oslo, NO.
Epilogue. Public Space. Kathmandu, IN.


Acts of Listening

part 1, Valparaiso, Chile 20.11.-12.12.2017

Acts of listening is a collaboration with the festival TSONAMI in Valparaiso/Chile.
Thanks to the help of the Goethe-Institut international co-production fund we will be able to start an extensive research project, connecting Tsonami/Valparaiso (2017) and Tuned City/Messene/Greece (2018) with a residency exchange program.

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