The installations are all new commissions for this edition of Tuned City and are developed and produced very site specific within the context of Ancient Messene or the village of Mavromati.
Because of the very site specific nature of the projects and the special conditions of the historic environment some projects and ideas might change slightly in terms of content and location during the process of development one site.

The installations running permanently for the whole event 1.-3. June, 10:00 – 19:00
Some of the projects will have performative activations or link with presentation moments in to the proceedings.

The Treasury
Steve Bates (CA) Field recordings of tree leaves rustling in the wind collected from around Messene are formed into a Read more.
Agora Circuit
Raviv Ganchrow (US/IL/NL) Agora Circuit patches locational energetics through anthropogenic sedimentation at the ancient agora of Messene. Today after millennia Read more.
Resonant Geometries
John Grzinich (US/EE) ›Resonant Geometries‹ is a performative exploration in redefining geometric space through the phenomenon of physical resonance. The Read more.
Dom-ino Vibrations
Christian Espinoza (CL) & Rene Rissland (DE) In 1914 Swiss architect Le Corbusier designed his Dom-ino System. This Construction System Read more.
Act as fate wills, destruction comes
Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (CA) + Eric Mattson (CA) An anecdote from Pausanias’s second century CE travelogue (Guide to Greece) conceptually frames Read more.
Listening Across 5000 Miles and 4000 Years!
Shannon Mattern (US) Is it possible to listen across 5000 miles and 4000 years? Situating the work of sound designer Read more.
Paul Gründorfer (AT) Following the idea of sonority as a temporary ubiquitous experience, Limbo will investigate transitions of sonic territories Read more.
Vicky Bisbiki (GR) Man’s activity in time has left it’s trace and continues to do so, by deforming, building up Read more.
Andreas Töpfer (DE) Following the idea of notating sensory impressions like taste and smell among others, the soundscapes are visual Read more.
Stories of a Tree
Panos Amelides (GR) Description soon! Read more.
Alexandros Drymonitis (GR) Behind the visual reality of a city, another dimension rich in sounds awaits to transform Ancient Messine Read more.
Jens Brand (DE) The Pythagorean “harmony of the spheres” and resulting notions of the “musica mundana” (Boethius) and “harmonice mundi” Read more.
The Afters
Shift Register – Marin Howse (UK/DE) + Jamie Allen (CA) Those gods who are considered earthly […] come from a Read more.
Black Athennas
Gilles Aubry (CH/DE) + Nathalie Mba Bikoro (GA) The artists re-examine the entangled histories of German colonialism in West Africa, Read more.