Vicky Bisbiki (GR)
locations: Mavromati village Old School  map >>>
and Ruined House map >>>

Man’s activity in time has left it’s trace and continues to do so, by deforming, building up and even dominating the primitive spatial elements of its inhabit. This project is an attempt to explore the potentials of our living space through the relegation of its structure. Considering the traces of our civilisations, which traces are now being made? How much impact do we have on the traces that are to be formed?

Location data that describes the area of Messene are gathered and used to deform sound generators, defining the unique sonification of the area. Those primitive sounds are interacting with the virtual environment that is projected. The project consist two installations, each of those projecting interactive real time visual environments and sound. The visual elements interact with sound generators and human activity in the place of the installation. Technologies that are approached for this project include Geographical information System (GIS), Open Data and location data (buildings, roads, rivers etc) in order to generate sound and through the sound the visual elements, motion tracking technology for human activity detection and algorithmic synthesis of virtual environments.