Tuned City is an artistic research project and a festival trying to understand city by the means of sound.

Tuned City is researching the relation between sound and space and presents artistic work and theoretical positions derived from critical preoccupations with sound in the context of urban and architectonic situations with particular emphasis on original approaches to the role of ’sound’ and ‘listening’. During the previous edition in Berlin (2008), Tallinn (2011), Brussels (2013) and Ancient Messene (2018) Tuned City developed a series of formats with focused on lively site specific experience of theoretical questions in a mix of scientific lectures and demonstrations, artistic presentations and performances and location based installations.
Nevertheless, Tuned City should not be understood as the attempt to „tune“ the city in terms of improvement, it should be more seen in the sense of „tuning into the city“ as a different way of understanding city by the means of sound.