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opening June 27, 14:00h

opening times: June 27, 14:00 – 18:00h, June 29, 12:00 – 19:00h

Working with Brussels art schools has been particularly important in the context of Tuned City Brussels. Sint Lucas Architectuur (“Resonances of a blind spot”), Erasmus Hogeschool RITS/Radio (sound atelier), Sint Lukas Transmedia (“Inner/Outer”) and La Cambre (ENSAV) option Espace Urbain (“Inouïr Space Exploration”) worked in parallel threads on semester projects in the first half of 2013. Four public workshops in relation to the festival topics were led by external tutors.

Q-O2 hosted two international workshop groups from the Masters of Artistic Research program (MAR) from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, Netherlands and The Sound Art Class from The Braunschweig University of Art (HBK), Germany working on the topics ‘Modes of Listening’ and ‘Interpretation of Noise’.

Results of the semester projects and the workshops will be shown at Galerie Rivoli – a very charming 70s building in the south of Brussels.

Students RITS

Séverine Champeaux – Boxlife –
Sofie De Schrijver – Polanoise
Eva De Roo and Maarten Coosemans – De Opera Zingt
Lucas Derycke and Misha Koole – Achter De Stilte
Joke Sluydts – City Beat

Students Braunschweig University of Arts (D)

Sabine Sellig – Inter – S
Stefanie Matjeka – Liaison
Manuel Silberbach – o.T.

Students Sint-Lucas Architectuur

Yazgi Demirbas – variations of acoustic hats
Louise Frateur – rooftops on bxl
Lyssa Giots – arrange to build
Charlotte Legouhy – building with the void
Liesbet Neesen – try to make the invisible visible
Ligia Papoi – the voice of the microcosmos
Rina Pohlmann – boundary zones
Birgit Sterckx – film-travel experience into a house

Students St. Lukas Transmedia

Amanda Andersen – The Traveling Backrest
Petar Kufner – The void between visual and aural