Franziska Windisch (DE), Barbara Gonzales (CL), Rene Rissland (DE), Florian Tuercke (DE), Fernando Godoy (CL), Nicolas Spencer (CL), Christian Espinoza (CL), Pablo Saavedra Arevalo (CL)

„Their story begins on ground level, with footsteps. They are myriad, but do not compose a series. They cannot be counted because each unit has a qualitative character: a style of tactile apprehension and kinesthetic appropriation. Their swarming mass is an innumerable collection of singularities. Their intertwined paths give their shape to spaces. They weave places together. In that respect, pedestrian movements form one of these ‚real systems whose existence in fact makes up the city.”
Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life (1984)

Acts of Listening is a co production project between Tsonami Festival in Valparaiso 2017 and the 4th edition of Tuned City, taking place in the ancient town Messenia/Greece 2018.
A group of artists from Europe and South America started to work in Valparaiso in 2017 reflecting on sound as a contextual phenomenon of urban space and will continue the process in Messene. This group will work in between the places and other scheduled program points in very site specific formats including performances, interventions, installations in relation to the topics.

Please also see the photo-documentation of the first part of the project in Valparaiso and the blog

The Acts of Listening group will circle around Tuned City like a satellite, injecting, adding, commenting, extending, blurring, questioning and challenging the proceedings. Please watch the AOL website for announcements of the activities.

Here the actual schedule: