A set of fotos can be found at our Tuned City Nürnberg flickr page >>>.

A little documentation on John Grzinich\’s Klang-Quelle – Revenant – Architecture as Instrument workshop can be found on his website (images, descriptions and recordings).

Derek Holzers fieldrecording workshop led to mapping and recording of sounds throughout the Muggenhof district by participants of the workshop. A ‘sound map’ was then made using the Radio Aporee Maps interface and presented at the end of the week. Click here to see the map and listen to the sounds.

The sonic sofa by eyland07 (Rene Rissland und Jürgen Lehmeier) catched a lot of attention in public space and functioned as an unxpected good interface to a general audience. Out of this first prototype the 12-tone-filter for Tuned City Tallinn was developed. Also a very fruitfull collaboration with the Nürnberg based sound artist Florian Tuercke emerged out of this project. Some more information on the project on the eyland07 page.

11. April 2011 – Nürnberger Zeitung >>>
16. April 2011 – Nürnberger Nachrichten >>>
20. April – Nürnberger Stadtanzeiger 01 >>>
20. April – Nürnberger Stadtanzeiger 02 >>>
01. July – Bayerisches Fernsehen – ‘Lauschen in Franken’ >>>