Jürgen Lehmeier, architect, designer, born in Dillingen (Germany), lives and works in Nuremberg. He studied interior design and architecture at the Postgraduate Program for Architecture and Urban Research akademie c/o of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nuremberg. In 2006 he founded the office Eyland 07 with René Rissland.

Eyland07 – the office’s field of interest focuses on the peripheral areas of architecture and city planning, often working in interdisciplinary teams together with artists, musicians, specialists for acoustic and sociologists. The relationship of architecture and sound is one of the topics of focus in the work of Eyland07. In 2008 the office won the competition Ohrenstrandmobil with a temporary architectural structure for new music. In 2009 the modular system for the contemporary opera in Berlin was built and it’s been possible to see it at differently places (main train stations, industrial sites, churches, city halls in Berlin; the structure of Ohrenstrandmobil is capable to be changed in order to be adapted to each different context, optimizing the acoustic of each area. Ohrenstrandmobil is at the same time backdrop, seat furniture and corporate design.


appearance at Tuned City
Tuned City Nürnberg
12-tone Filter / 08.-10.07.11
12-tone Filter / workshop