installation by Brandon LaBelle
Staalplaat Store / Le Petit Mignon
/ 02.07. – 20.07. 08

Working with six architects from around the world, Brandon LaBelle sent them a series of recordings of his apartment in Berlin. Trying to sound the space, the recordings document the ambient, material and dimensional conditions of the apartment. The architects were then given the task of making a physical model of the apartment by having the sounds as their only directing information. In this way, a process of translation and interpretation unfolds, incorporating an understanding, however factual or fantastical, of the auditory into the process of rendering a spatial form – what we might call “noise design”.These models are presented at the Staalplaat record shop, and are further complemented by a series of audio recordings made by different people of their homes in the city. These home recordings form a soundtrack to the models, teasing out the relation between the audible and temporal experiences of home life and the coordinates of an architectural imagination.

Participating architects:
Carlos Campos
Lise Laurberg
Oren Lieberman + Tanja Mergler
Yeoryia Manolopoulou
Cláudia Martinho
Jonathan Mosley + Sophie Warren