bain sensor

installation by Mark Bain in cooperation with b&k, Arno Brandlhuber
Brunnenstraße 9 / 22.01. 10 Eröffnung (permanente Installtion )

The project Brunnenstraße is a complete new planning for two invest ruins of Berlin’s 90ies.
Brandlhuber’s construction is using the already built basement and places a 5-floor, very light and transparent concrete building in-between two old typical Berlin fire division walls. This building is going to house a gallery and Brandlhuber’s own studio.

Mark Bain was involved in the construction process from the beginning on in order to develop a work which turns the whole building in a sound installation. He implemented a system of geodata and seismic sensors in the infrastructure of the building as well as in the concrete as the building was raised. These hyper-sensitive instruments caputere all mechanic and acoustic micro sensations happening in and around the building, like the wind passing by the fassade, foot steps on the stairs, raindrops on the roof, termic material expansion, etc. – all this raw material generates a permanent composition, played back via a public headphone jack in the fassade of building – so that all people passing by can plug in their own headphones and tune in and listen to the building.