architectural prototype for acoustic design by magma architecture and Sam Auinger (consultant)

Acoustics in architecture is a long lasting history of prevention strategies. How does a space become more soundless? How can I protect myself from hearing my colleague speaking on the phone? How do I keep the noise from the street outside? Apart from very few high profile and expensive construction tasks like concert halls everything audible seems to indicate annoyance.

magma architecture investigates how to integrate sounds in a positive, active and interactive way into the architectural design process and the experience of space. The goal is to allow acoustic and sound aspects into spaces of everyday life. It resulted in a number of design proposals for private flats for people with special hearing habits. The various clients’ needs and wishes generated concrete, poetic and ironic architectural-artistic projects, in which sound and architecture form an inseparable unit. Sounds and tones are utilised to generate spaces, experience complex facts, simulate nature and conciliate conflicts.