Akio Suzuki

installation by Akio Suzuki
Wasserturm Quartier / 25.05. – 14.09. 08

In the public space around the water tower square, Japanese artist Akio Suzuki presents a sound installation that is focused on listening to everyday situations. oto-date NA GI SA are not installed loudspeakers in a public space but special pictographically marked audial points located around the neighbourhood – places with extraordinary acoustic and atmospheric features that invite the visitor to listen. By stepping on the nine white markings, the visitor experiences the artists’ selected audial positions. This installation, a singuhr-sound gallery contribution to the Berlin “ohrenstrand.net” instrumental New Music project, which continues through 14 September, will be opened with a performance by Junko Wanda on Saturday, 24.05. at 6 p.m. as part of the “HouseMusik” festival.

oto-date NA GI SA is a project of singuhr – hoergalerie.