A Certain Geography
Maria Papadomanolaki (GR/UK) – Sound Practitioner & Researcher (University of Brighton) location: around Theater map >>> A Certain Geography is Read more.
Els Viaene (BE) location: Stoa north of Agora, around the waterfall and along the rivermap >>> The Potamoi are the Read more.
Spiegelung – Chapter 2
Mario de Vega (MX/DE) location: different locations un-announced For mobile phones, signal amplification, echoes and assorted materials. ›Spiegelung. A prologue Read more.
Black Anthenna
Gilles Aubry (CH/DE) + Nathalie Mba Bikoro (GA) location: Palaestra map >>> The artists re-examine the entangled histories of German Read more.
Concierto Orientado a Objetos
Fernando Godoy (CL) location: Ekklesiasterion map >>> Performative installation based on light, movement and acoustic sound. The action uses a Read more.
Magnetic Storms (SOLO for amplified Objects)
Hanna Hartman (SE) location: Ekklesiasterion map >>> Smoke rises vertically. Wind felt on face. Dust and loose paper. Umbrellas used Read more.
Cevdet Erek (TR) location: Stadium map >>> The title refers to the instrument performed by Erek, a large drum with Read more.
Eleni Kavouki (GR) location: Agora map >>> Onomatopoeia is the word that mimics the sound of the object or action Read more.
Savina Yannatou (GR) + AGF aka Antye Greie Ripatti (DE/FI) featuring Dimitris Tigkas (GR) location: Theater map >>> Nicht die Read more.
Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (CA) location: Theater map >>> This intervention works with the resonant properties of certain public spaces of ancient Read more.
Yiorgis Sakellariou (GR) location: Stadium map >>> Nympholepsy is a musical response to the immediate environment and history of ancient Read more.
A performance in different acts
BMB con. – Justin Bennett (UK/NL) and Roelf Toxopeus (NL) location: each morning around the main location of that day Read more.
Black Seas Messene
Steve Bates (CA), ILIOS (GR), Nikos Veliotis (GR) location: Mount Ithome map >>> ›Black Seas‹ is a project about a Read more.
Remarks on the Architecture of the Ancients
noid (AT) location: around Ekklesiasterion map >>> I will not attempt to fill this absence, rather I will try to Read more.
Yann Leguay (BE) location: Ekklesiasterion map >>> This project is a kind of media archaeology, digging into obsolete hardware for Read more.
Stelios Giannoulakis (GR) location: House across Taverna map >>> ‘Plethora’ combines site-specific soundscape composition with improvisation on circuit bent devices Read more.