Savina Yannatou (GR) + AGF aka Antye Greie Ripatti (DE/FI) featuring Dimitris Tigkas (GR)
location: Theater map >>>

Nicht die Tat, die Ankündigung … bestrafen wir*
‘Not the deed, the one who speaks out the deed – we punish’

The Cassandra metaphor is a term applied in situations in which valid warnings or concerns are dismissed or disbelieved. The mythological priestess and prophetess Cassandra, the seeress fated to know & speak truth, but never be believed. Every attempt she made to warn people in advance of impending doom was ignored or, worse yet, labeled as an outright lie.
Savina Yannatou and Antye Greie Ripatti will work with language incorporating Greek, German and English text. In their performance there will be elements of the ancient and modern world through the language, architecture, and literature. “Kassandra” of Christa Wolf will be the link between these worlds.

Die Stimme ist es nicht, es ist der Ton*
‘It is not the voice, it is the tone’

Savina and Antye experiment with the vocality of the prophecy, the resonance of the truth, how the outspoken vision vibrates and travels, how it is often punished as the deed itself and subsequently: how it is silenced.
Using voice improvisation, realtime amplification, field recording, participatory elements the 2 artists will react to the extraordinary performance space and location.

Wie schnell und gründlich man vergisst*
how fast and thoroughly one forgets


I am a woman
I think
I feel
I am here
because I want to be

*Christa Wolf