Els Viaene (BE)
location: Stoa north of Agora, around the waterfall and along the rivermap >>>

The Potamoi are the gods of the rivers and streams of the Earth. They were believed to be the first aboriginal kings of the land. In Greek mythologies, water or rivers are a pathway to invisible worlds. On the site of ancient Messene runs the river Clepsydra as a line woven through time and space, carved in the landscape, as a carrier of lost histories and vivid mythologies. Can we scan its traces and follow its line and functions throughout history?
In this performance, Els Viaene starts by zooming into the smallest particles, fabrics of the landscape, slowly zooming out, following the trace of the river, each step in the process revealing another mode of listening, another way of tuning into the landscape, folding one space into another until we start to de-connect more and more from the surrounding landscape.
Is what we hear real or is where we are real?
After the performance a sonic and visual trace will remain for the visitor to go through another aural experience over the next days.