Mario de Vega (MX/DE)
location: different locations un-announced

For mobile phones, signal amplification, echoes and assorted materials.

›Spiegelung. A prologue and 6 chapters‹ is composed by a series of performative interventions using context, signal amplification and situational approaches as materials for interaction. For this purpose, exploring the semantics of amplification, the tradition of representation and the imperfection of the inert; staged actions and performative situations are arranged in the form of a score to be executed by professional and non-professional actors, musicians and dancers, resulting in a performative piece constructed for 6 chapters.

This multipart performance will take place unannounced at different locations during the whole event – watch out!

In cooperation with ‘Ayios Dimitrios theatre workshop’ and Georgia Athanasiadou (Director)
Actors: Spyros Koronis, Maria Theodoropoulou, Konstantinos Mantzios, Giorgos Gkiokas, Tasos Chalas
Goasslschnalzer (traditional Bavarian whip cracker): Andreas Rohmer