Tuned City day 3 / block 2 / 1 pm / Alexanderplatz

short presentations, sound walks, performances on and around Alexanderplatz – a. o. with:


Farmers Manual

Sam Auinger
sound walk

Frans Voogelar
beyond you-topia

Rob Curgenven and Katie Hepworth
TACIT:TACET: milan sound atlas


Peter Sinclair, Alejandro Duque and Julien Clauss
the locus sonus lab


A number of performances, sound walks and short presentations will explore and illustrate the impact and function of sound in the architectural scale of urban space.

In this context, the social space of a shopping mall – already defined by a diversity of sounds – provieds an interesting challenge. How consciously or unconsciously does one perceive an acoustic climate? How does Muzak work? Is it possible to experience such a complex building as a sounding body? The Berlin based musician agf will examine these questions by performing a concert via the Muzak system of the Alexa shopping mall.

Inspired by the geodetic architecture of Buckminster Fuller, Farmers Manual developed their project BuckyMedia – huge, 5 meter wide wireframe balls: multi-sensory, sounding, geodetic spheres that are both sound object and control system. The movements of the balls in physical space generates and modifies data, sounds and images in imaginary data space and transmits it back to the real world.

The sound artist Sam Auinger explores the Alexanderplatz with a sound walk , unassisted by any technical gear. Katie Hepworth and Rob Curgenven introduce their research project TACIT:TACET: Milan Sound Atlas, which analyzes temporary-spatial aspects of a geo-politicised city. Frans Vogelaar gives insight in the collaboration projects of architects, urban planners, communication designers and media artists in theframework of his studio Hybrid Space Lab, in search of new forms of dealing with space, a. o.