performance by agf

The interplay of this exhibit helps flesh out the contours of performance in contemporary art. AGF works with performance strategies that articulate a distinct relationship between artist and community. By placing this show into a shopping mood, the expression into a public consumer environment comes off stage.

It is all about nature of future. About the audible site of development, speed energy, compositions with technical noise, sound that wants you make to hear the building of your own heart. How the volume of the speaker systems changes if your skin would be the membrane. And how it brings protest strategies into an architectural sound context.

AGF won’t mention social change: she will sow and catalyze it in order to comment from a personal perspective on the systemic problems that prevent human progress. This self-imposed task suggests an allegorical confrontation with psychological barriers more than a way to address specific injustices (although these barriers are connected to societal inequities).