Curgenven, Robert (AUS)

Robert Curgenven works with harmonics, textures and resonance as articulated through space and place as well as time and the dislocation of the remote – creating a sound that explores slowly shifting layers in the fabric of fields of perception. His work with field recordings has been described by Furthernoise (UK) as “a gentle audio suspension of time… becoming an almost total transference of realities”.

He has lived for much of the past eight years in Australia’s Northern Territory and now bases his activities in Europe, working between Berlin and Milan. He has exhibited installations in Europe and Australia, performed widely solo and with many Australian and international artists including Jason Kahn, Sumugan Sivanesan, KK Null and Derek Holzer, and released several solo and collaborative CDs, including three on his own Recorded Fields label.

appearance at Tuned City
sound and social communication / 03.07.08