Katie Hepworth is an architect, researcher and curator. The reinterpretation of and engagements with the urban space are key concerns: moving beyond just buildings, her work addresses the realms of the public and private and their personal and political manifestations. It aims to expose the latent conditions in the urban environment, exploring subtle interventions that disrupt everyday behaviours.

Her work has been exhibited in Australia and internationally. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 she co-directed the Transit Lounge, a series of experimental, multi-disciplinary collaborative residencies and projects for Australian and European artists and architects in Berlin. The Transit Lounge was a partner event of the Transmediale, and was responsible for organising a series of talks on Australian art and architecture for the German Architecture Centre (DAZ).

She is currently completing her PhD in International Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. Focusing on Milan, her work looks at the migration, citizenship and the city, with a particular focus on security, fear and the production of invisible borders within cities. She is currently based at the Milan Polytechnic.

She is an member of political arts collective boat-people.org.




appearance at Tuned City
sound and social communication / 03.07.08