The program of this edition of Tuned City is organized as one constant stream of talks, performances and  presentations. There are no parallel events unless overlaps are part of the intended dramaturgy. Nevertheless, some events might happen unannounced or even unnoticed – pay attention! The installations running permanently for the whole event 1.-3. June, 10:00 – 19:00. Some of them will have performative activations or link with presentation moments in to the program. The Acts of Listening group will circle around Tuned City like a satellite, injecting, adding, commenting, extending, blurring, questioning and challenging the proceedings.

DAY 01  02  03

talks + lectures   performances + installation-presentations 

Day 01 (01.06)

‘Listening Politics’ is departing from the human voice, from the articulation of thought, the soliloquy, oral histories and the use and misuse of language. It strives to delve into systems of power and law, the production of space through social interaction and the constitution of the political by way of negotiating interests: From disembodied voices and voiceless bodies; intentional hearing – being close, immersed or taking distance; from speaking to an audience and listening as an active act; sketching the layout and sensing the limitations and borders, thus aiming at the very structures of a city of discourse.

Chair: Lucia Farinati (IT/UK)

10:00 – 13:30 / Theater

Messene. A Multiperiod Site
Introduction by Prof. Petros G. Themelis (GR) – Archeologist (University of Crete, Emeritus / Director of the Excavation and Restoration Read more.
A performance in different acts
BMB con. – Justin Bennett (UK/NL) and Roelf Toxopeus (NL) Inspired by the natural acoustics of the valley and the Read more.
Media Archaeology and the Politics of Listening
Keynote by Prof. Kate Lacy (UK) – Media History and Theory (University of Sussex) It seems appropriate in this ancient Read more.
Eleni Kavouki (GR) Onomatopoeia is the word that mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to. When Read more.

15:00 – 18:00 / Theater

Tacit Voices of Space, Bodies and Material Culture: Meaning, Transformation and Participatory Communication in Neolithic Communities and beyond
Dr. Yannis Kozantzas (GR) – Research Fellow (Theoretical Archaeology and Anthropology of Technology, Panteion University of Athens) Sound runs across Read more.
A Certain Geography
Maria Papadomanolaki (GR/UK) – Sound Practitioner & Researcher (University of Brighton) ›A Certain Geography‹ is a site-specific hybrid project bordering Read more.
Comparative Analysis of the Rule of Law in Ancient and Modern Greece
Kosmas Koteas (GR) – Lawyer (Koteas and Associates Law, Athens) This study outlines the evolution of the concept of the Read more.
Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (CA) + Eric Mattson (CA) This intervention works with the resonant properties of certain public spaces of ancient Read more.
The Force of Listening
Lucia Farinati (IT/UK) – Researcher (Cultural/Critical Studies, Kingston University) Lucia Farinati presents and draws out ideas about ‘listening politics’ from Read more.

18:30 – 19:00 / Mavromati (house across taverna)

Stelios Giannoulakis (GR) Description soon! Read more.

20:00 / Theater

A Dialogue
Savina Yannatou (GR) + agf aka Antye Greie Ripatti (DE/FI) featuring Dimitris Tigkas (GR) Savina and Antye will work with Read more.

Day 02 (02.06)

Written in the formations of landscape, constantly transformed by geological activities and forces of weather – settlements have grown by need or will. Typologies between imagined or forgotten pasts. Analogue filter storage systems. Oscillating between natural media, manufactured, engineered, constructed – ruined, grained down consistently by natural processes and decay to small particles, becoming something else or sediment again. Excavated, read, analysed, transcribed, decoded, preserved, filed, mediated and forgotten: This day listens to issues of materiality and interpretation, archeology and beyond.

Chair: Eric Lewis (CA)

10:00 – 13:00 / Ekklesiasterion

A performance in different acts
BMB con. – Justin Bennett (UK/NL) and Roelf Toxopeus (NL) Inspired by the natural acoustics of the valley and the Read more.
Archaeology as Cultural Identity: Branding Greekness.
Keynote by Prof. Dimitris Plantzos (GR) – Archeologist (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) Contemporary Greece is often imagined, by Read more.
Remarks on the Architecture of the Ancients
noid (AT) I will not attempt to fill this absence, rather I will try to emphasise it’s emptiness. A topological Read more.
Space, Sound and the Law: From Solon to Xenakis – the Greek Entanglements of Spatial, Sonic and Human Law
Prof. Eric Lewis (CA) – Philosopher (McGill University, Montreal) Early Greek theories of space developed hand in hand with theories Read more.
Agora Circuit
Raviv Ganchrow (US/IL/NL) Agora Circuit patches locational energetics through anthropogenic sedimentation at the ancient agora of Messene. Today after millennia Read more.

15:00 – 19:00 / Ekklesiasterion

Sounding Ruins
Dr. Michael Gallagher (UK) – Social and Cultural Geographer (Manchester Metropolitan University) This talk is about the use of audio Read more.
Els Viaene (BE) The Potamoi are the gods of the rivers and streams of the Earth. They were believed to Read more.
Resonant Geometries
John Grzinich (US/EE) ›Resonant Geometries‹ is a performative exploration in redefining geometric space through the phenomenon of physical resonance. The Read more.
Curated Decay: Arts of Losing, Noticing, Listening
Prof. Caitlin De Silvey (UK) – Cultural Geographer (University of Exeter) How might a focus on material process and persistence, Read more.


20:00 / Ekklesiasterion

Yann Leguay (BE) This project is a kind of media archeology, digging into obsolete hardware for hidden meanings. ›headcrash‹ interacts Read more.
Magnetic Storms (SOLO for amplified Objects)
Hanna Hartman (SE) Smoke rises vertically. Wind felt on face. Dust and loose paper. Umbrellas used with difficulty. Large branches Read more.
Concierto Orientado a Objetos
Fernando Godoy (CL) Performative installation based on light, movement and acoustic sound. The action uses a variety of small devices Read more.

Day 03 (03.06)

Multiple invisible cities exist beyond and among its material layers. Dense mythologies and complex believe systems reinforce the respective findings, yet establish alternative narratives at the same time. Oracles, cults and rituals are of constituting presence for the atmosphere of the place. But measurable energies and detectable charges, conductive and piezoelectric potentials, radiations, air pressure fields and all sorts of related phenomena also inhabit a wide range of this spectrum. Listening and sensing as subjective practice and productive speculation culminate in the final instalment of this series, but by no means conclude it.

Chair: Marinos Koutsomichalis (GR)

10:00 – 13:00 / Ekklesiasterion

A performance in different acts
BMB con. – Justin Bennett (UK/NL) and Roelf Toxopeus (NL) Inspired by the natural acoustics of the valley and the Read more.
Energies as Optic in the Arts and Music
Keynote by Prof. Douglas Kahn (AUS) – Historian and Media Theorist (National Institute of Experimental Arts, The University of New Read more.
The Afters
Shift Register – Marin Howse (UK/DE) + Jamie Allen (CA) Those gods who are considered earthly […] come from a Read more.
The Tone of Prime Unity
Will Schrimshaw (UK) – Artist and Researcher (Edge Hill University, Lancashire) In The Soundscape R. Murray Schafer describes a tone Read more.
Yiorgis Sakellariou (GR) ›Nympholepsy‹ is a musical response to the immediate environment and history of ancient Messene. By employing field Read more.

14:00 – 18:00 / Agora

Tactics against Antiquity: Contemporary Ancient Messene
Marinos Koutsomichalis (GR) – Artist and Researcher (NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim) ›Tactics against Antiquity‹ probes Read more.
Cevdet Erek (TR) The title refers to the instrument performed by Erek, a large drum with many names, common from Read more.
Staging Greek Tragedy in the Digital Era
Aggeliki Poulou (GR) – Media Theorist, Researcher (University Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III / National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) An attempt Read more.
Black Athennas
Gilles Aubry (CH/DE) + Nathalie Mba Bikoro (GA) The artists re-examine the entangled histories of German colonialism in West Africa, Read more.


19:00 / Mount Ithome

Black Seas Messene
Steve Bates (CA), ILIOS (GR), Nikos Veliotis (GR), Coti K (GR) ›Black Seas‹ is a project about a weird listening. Read more.