Tuned City day 5 / block 3 / 5 pm / radio house Nalepastraße

Björn Quiring
The Foundational Sounds of Vitruvius

Elisabeth Sikiaridi (HybridSpace Lab / University Essen)
Morphologies or the Architectures of Iannis Xenakis

Olaf Schäfer and Urs Walter (Berlin)
design with sound

Riklef Rambow (TU Cottbus)
Rock’n’Roll ain’t Noise Pollution: Architectural Expertise and the Communication of Aural Architecture

with all participants / moderation: Barry Blesser


In the Funkhaus, which was planned as an ideal production place of virtual sound worlds, questions and approaches on an imaginary acoustic space for association and simulation will be presented.

The literary scholar and philosopher Björn Quiring describes the movement of human history as a co-evolution of language and architecture, and their importance as representatives of political power. Questions of complexity and (mathematical) translation models from sound into architecture and vice versa in the work of the Greek composer and architect Iannis Xenakis is investigated by the architect Elisabeth Sikiaridi. Olaf Schäfer and Urs Walter talk about possibilities of a language to describe the acoustic space and about a concrete planning project that generates an architectural language and space design from acoustic analysis.

The research in architectural communication of Riklef Rambow approaches the differences in perception of architecture between architects and amateurs and with overcoming these differences through communication. Here, the focus normally lies on the visual qualities of architecture. This field shows how much the expertise of architects is reflected in refined perception patterns, an elaborate conceptual thinking and corresponding terminology. What does this look like in the realm of the acoustic, however? Which differences in perception and description exist between architects and amateurs and which consequences for successful communication strategies result from this?

A final discussion panel under the moderation of Barry Blesser tries to draw a balance of the past days and to give an outlook on possible potentials of Tuned City.