Olaf Schäfer studied architecture and urban planning at the Universität Stuttgart. In 2004 he graduated there at the IGMA with a scientific-artistic work on audible architectural models. From 2006-2008 he joined additionally the master class of Sound Studies at the University of Arts Berlin with a focus on anthropology of sound and conception of acoustics.

Formed on a fundamental understanding for the spatial importance of atmospheres, he develops a phenomenology of sounds under their specific situational conditions. He deliberately reflects and designs the media, with whom the sound–shaped and –soaked architectural and urban spaces are being communicated.

Works emerged in this context are Tod im Schnee. Verhörte Architektur (2004), Der Klang der Urhütte (2006), Raummaschine (2007) und Metrophonie No1 [be’li:n] (2008). Currently he is working on several projects concerning the topic planning with sound in urban and architectonic space, among others in collaboration with Auditive Architektur, a research area of the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin.

appearance at Tuned City
talking sound and building space / 05.07.08