lecture by Olaf Schäfer und Urs Walter

Drafting with sound

The architectural discipline is the only one – with some restrictions this also applies to music and dance – where the design process is not taking place on the level of the final opus but in a medial one. In architecture this is graphics, drawings and visualizations and the efforts on a three-dimensional model. If you want to open up this discipline for a genuine Aural Architecture, you need to provide an auditory medium for drafting and planning.
– an example with a short view in history.

“Sound Compository Aspects of Architecture” deals with the sonic side of space. It is a way to describe space by its sonic expression and to explore sound spheres by different levels of listening. Here we imagine sound sphere as a dynamic stream of sending and receiving, which changes any moment. In the process we search for structures within this fluid system to become the tectonics of a sonic space.
With these tools we can actually compose new sound spheres, which are build on spatial bases – and can therefore be transferred to a spatial expression of sound.

appearance at Tuned City
talking sound and building space / 05.07.08