Tuned City day 4 / block 2 / 2 pm / Wriezener Freiraum Labor

Prof. Golo Föllmer (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle)

project presentation
tx – büro für temporäre architektur
wriezener freiraumlabor

Catharina Dyrssen (Urban Sound Institute Stockholm)
into noise: approaching the urban through transdisciplinary sound design projects

Gilles Aubry
the chant of the buidings – composing with field recordings

Gregoire Chelkoff (Cresson Grenoble)
listening in motion : an architectural experimentation for a public shelter

Barbara Willecke / Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp
the redesign of the Nauener Platz


Martin Howse
Active City Circuit

lecture / field walk
Chris Watson
listenining to the city

performance / workshop presentation
Staalplaat Soundsystem / Lola landscape architects /
in collaboration with Sound Studies UdK Berlin / TU Berlin
Composed City


Acoustic design for environments explores the topic of sound and city on the scale of an urban wasteland.

On the premises of the former Wriezener Bahnhof in Berlin-Friedrichshain, a public park will be developed in the next years. tx architects develops ideas in close relation to the citizen in order to plan and realise this park together with neighbours, pupils, initiatives and locals shops. The challenge is to create a public free space that is open to a variety of functions and supports the living qualities in this city quarter.

How can urban acoustic phenomena be exploited for urban planning? Which possibilities exist to use the notion of aesthetical sustainability as an urban planning argument? Which part do acoustic criteria play in this context? The architect Catharina Dyrssen from the Urban Sound Institute Stockholm and the architect Grégoire Chelkoff from the Cresson Institute Grenoble present examples of projects that investigate the function of sound in the design processes of (free) spaces and give insight into the work of their institutes. raumlabor_berlin presents their vision of the transformation of the underground station Eichbaum in the periphery between Mu?hlheim ad Essen into an opera house. Urban planner Barbara Willecke presents the redesign project Nauener Platz in Berlin that focuses particularly on the exploration and testing of means to positively influence of noise and sound situations.

The performance Active City Circuit by Martin Howse investigates electromagnetic space. Complicated technical methods of filtering and amplifying of these signal waves are also subject of a workshop. Chris Watson and Gilles Aubry will present their work with fieldrecordings, their recording strategies, compositional concepts and discuss topics like forms of hearing, abstraction vs. representation and their fascination of the beauty of “found” sounds.

Staalplaat Soundsystem and Lola landscape architects, together with students of Sound Studies (UdKBerlin) and the TU Berlin, will present the results of the workshop Composed City which tries to use the area of the Wriezener Bahnhof as sound source and instrument.