Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp is professor in socio- and psychoacoustic, noise perception and noise effects.


Assessment of transportation noise related to annoyance and quality of life. The research activities are typically embedded in regional traffic planning and environmental living assessment activities.
Another focus is on assessment and management of changing soundscapes by means of psychoacoustics, acoustic ecology and person-environment-fit approaches.
Finally, research deals with the impact of noise on sensitive groups such
as noise sensitive in people, but also with comfort related issues concerning defined acoustical environments. She has numerous publications on these topics.

Amongst many others:
she is Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, Associated Editor for Noise in JASA, Chair of the TC Noise –ASA, USA; Chair Technical Committee Noise: Effects and Protection Germany, Product Manager NUNTIUS ACUSTICUS, Member of extended Board EAA Member, Working Group to Community Noise I INCE (International Institute of Noise Control Engineering ), USA

She was Visiting Professor amongst other laboratories at
Laboratoire d’Acoustique Musicale, Paris
Department of Environmental Psychology, Osaka University, Osaka Japan
Institute of Environmental Medicine, Toronto, Canada,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, RLE, Sensory Communication Group

appearance at Tuned City
design of acoustic environments / 04.07.08