tx – büro für temporäre architektur. As an office for temporary architecture tx investigats the mutual relations between space, usage and time and develops integrated solutions for combining places with the actions taking place within these spaces. tx plans strategies that determine the particular relation of space and its use within a temporary structure.

tx is part of an interdisciplinary network of different people, initiatives and companies. For each project special working groups and cooperations are set up – depending on the amount and demand of the task. By that dynamic working structures are created which can react to the different demands.

tx is convinced that architecture and urban development emerge within the context of social processes and ask for a responsible handling of economic, social and ecoogical resources. Their main interest herein lies in the importance of temporal processes for the construction, the design and the adoption of spatial situations.

The projects of tx express growth and activation strategies they call programmatic urban development. tx-architects are Ines-Ulrike Rudolph and Gabor Stark.


appearance at Tuned City
design of acoustic environments / 04.07.08
Composed City