image by Jez Riley French
presentation by Ann Goossens / Q-O2 and Jaume Ferrete

‘Sounds of Europe’ is a project that acknowledges and follows the increase of field recording activity in music, art and sciences in recent years. By field recording activity we mean an artistic practice working with the accidental sounds of our environment. Our aim is to draw up an overall picture of the many different ways of using field recordings, and to explore their signification and effect.

The project has been initiated by Q-O2 (workspace for experimental music and sound art/ Brussels), MTG (Music Technology Group/University Barcelona), IRZU (Institute for Sonic Arts Research/Ljubljana) and CRISAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice /University London). Together with associated partners, we’ll set up activities and artistic projects which explore the sounds of the world, thereby stimulating an exchange of experiences, results, and understandings of sound and listening.

The objective of the project is to create a platform for sound oriented organizations based in Europe, and sound artists working with field recordings. The platform will be developed during this two-year project with the intention of it continuing to function afterwards. By ‘platform’ we mean a place and opportunity for collaboration, expression and exchange of ideas.
The project activities (festivals, workshops, lectures, a traveling website) aim to stimulate a collaborative creation and exploration of the European soundscape, which can contribute to an enhancement of public imagination and sensitivity to sound, and an openness to their own and others’ environments and cultures.

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

appearance at Tuned City
Subjective Soundscapes / 08.07.11