In 2006 Q-O2 has grown from a contemporary musicgroup to a workspace for experimental contemporary music and soundart. The organisation has its own space in the centre of Brussels. Practically, Q-O2 workspace functions on four levels: by hosting artists on a working residency, by starting up and guiding projects in collaboration with other organisations, by co-producing projects and by organising concerts on its own premises. In musical terms Q-O2 explores mainly three lines of approach: acoustic and electronic improvisation and composed music as well as installations and soundart. Through its conceptual preoccupations Q-O2 finds easily points of access to other disciplines. Q-O2 provides the junction between the emergence of artistic ideas and their concrete realisation and presentation for an audience. As a workspace and laboratory Q-O2 offers artists a certain protection, and is as such primarily process-oriented. Herein Q-O2 wants to underline the necessity of research in experimental music and soundart, and to provide artists with the maximum of support for their creative endeavours: technical/production support, the opportunity for direct dialogue with other artists and necessary contacts in the field.

appearance at Tuned City
Sounds of Europe / 08.07.11