Tuned City Tag 2 / block 3 / 8 pm / ohrenstrand auf dem Pfefferberg: singuhr salon 2/08 / Pfefferberg Haus 13

Prof. Holger Schulze (Sound Studies, Universität der Künste, Berlin)

Bernhard Leitner, Sam Auinger, magma architecture



The ohrenstrand salons of singuhr – hoergalerie on the Pfefferberg center on questions of installative sound art. On three evenings in the year, artists, mediators and scientists engage in discussions with the audience about experiences and questions of presentation, about architectural dimensions and the development and the history and design of acoustic environments, and last but not least about artistic approaches and working methods of the genre. The programme of the salon closely follows the exhibition activities of the sound gallery. This evening presents Sam Auinger, an artist who currently prepares together with students of the UdK Berlin an exhibition at Großer Wasserspeicher, that will open on 24 July. Also on the panel are Bernhard Leitner and the architecture office magma architcture, the discussion is moderated by Holger Schulze of the masters programme Sound Studies.

“Hometown” by tamtam follows this. This performance of Sam Auinger, Hannes Strobl, Michael Moser and David Moss focuses on the locations where our personal urban life takes place and what is special about them. The basis material consists of recordings of urban situations/spaces in Innsbruck, Linz and Berlin. Hometown is devided into four movements and a prologue, which explore the communicative quality of specific spaces and merge all the collected material into a composition.