We are pleased to invite you to the opening of Sonic Aggregator, a collaborative project of Soundtrackcity and Tuned City about sonic placemaking hosted by ABA Air Berlin Alexanderplatz at Haus der Statistik in Berlin – Friday, September 17 – 7pm.
Sonic Aggregator has been long in the making and postponed several times due to covid measures, but finally this project is about to happen! We look forward to meet you at the official opening on 17 September or during one of the events in the week thereafter.  Have a look at the programme and make reservations!

Urban sound is an ephemeral, immaterial and spatial aspect that usually does not receive the attention it deserves in urban planning. Sonic Aggregator approaches this problem in two ways. On the one hand, the object is a visible “gathering place” for urban sound; on the other hand, the object enables the participation of the communities involved and offers a place in the urban space that is accessible to all. The listening object enables participation in an accessible and playful way and creates the conditions to critically examine listening experiences in urban space in a collaborative and participatory work process.

The object – a modular, sculptural installation – invites people to linger, listen and interact, transporting and conveying the idea of urban sound, like a kind of Trojan horse, directly in the urban environment. While sitting in the object’s acoustically perfected semi-open sound space, visitors can virtually navigate through a defined part of the city via touchscreen and immerse themselves in the respective sound worlds. The acoustic properties of the installation are such that the listener gets the feeling of being in the place where the recording was made. This makes it possible to compare places acoustically, or to change sound properties and simulate possible scenarios.

Sonic Aggregator was designed, planned and realized by Michiel Huijsman / soundtrackcity.net

With Michiel Huijsman, Renate Zentschnig, Vanessá Heer, Udo NollPeter Cusack and others.