The official opening of Tuned City Tallinn will take place tonight starting at 20:00 at Hobuveski (Horse Mill Theater), Lai 23, map>>>.

We are looking forward to the concert of the internationally acknowledged cellist of experimental music Charles Curtis. Curtis will be performing “Naldjorlak”, a piece born of a collaboration between him and French electroacoustic composer Eliane Radigue. The public is invited to join us. Tickets can be purchased directly on the venue or online. Price: € 8,- / € 10,-
The concert is part of a series of evening performances taking place within the framework of Tuned City Tallinn. Over the next days Charlemagne Palestine, Thomas Ankersmit and Maja S.K. Ratkje will be presenting their approaches to sound and space, each using his/ her chosen instrument – the organ, the saxophone and the voice.
For further information please see performances >>>.