Klang-Quelle – Revenant – Architecture as Instrument
a listening and improvisation workshop with John Grzinich (US/EST)
8-12 participants – please register!
(workshop language english)
11.-15.April 2011 dayly 12-17

‘revenant’ is an ongoing collaborative project that focuses on site-specific acoustic sound actions. All sounds originate from materials found in-situ, and from interactions with the space itself.

The ‘revenant’ workshop concentrates on developing a language for connecting sound and space through non-verbal signals and physical actions. The workshop process is built on experimenting with group and spatial dynamics using a combination of participatory methods that range from listening exercises and improvisation games to simple rule based performances. Starting with the immaterial elements of our understanding of sound, space and perception, we then shift our attention toward the physicality of space and a subtle complexity material interactions.

The atmosphere during the workshop is open and informative, mixing collaborative game play and experimentation with discussion and practical realization. No previous knowledge is required. Participants from various disciplines are encouraged to participate. Past workshops have involved Students, Artists, Educators, Musicians, Anthropologists, Dancers, Media Professionals etc.

Locations: The first ‘introductory’ half of the workshop needs to be in a clean quiet space such as a gallery, classroom or theater stage, where participants will not be observed or interrupted. The second ‘intervention’ half of the workshop will use the empty unused building of the former Quelle headquarter (biggest mailorder in Germany) build by Ernst Neufert!

General program:

Day 1 (3-5 hours)
Sound and Perception
– listening exercises: sound, materiality and the imaginary
– listening exercises: space, perception and orientation
– warm-up exercises: simple objects
– closing discussion

Day 2 (3-5 hours)
Sound as Social Space
– exercises and games: improvisations and dynamics
– exercises and games: interactions with a space
– site work: scouting locations, simple interventions
– closing discussion

Day 3+4 (3-5 hours)
Sound on Site
– warm-up exercises: listening and awareness
– sketches and ideas: conceptualizing interventions
– ‘revenant’ actions
– closing discussion

Day 5 (3-5 hours)
public modul
– work with interested groups (school classes, students, etc.)

‘revenant’ workshop techniques have been used in a variety of other sound workshop contexts. For further examples see: