She is a member of the curatorial team in charge of sending Uruguay to the 2021 Venice International Architecture Biennial and the Punta Carretas Penal Memorial project, 2020. In 2020 she won the Fefca Justino Zabala Muniz Scholarship for Artistic Creation, MEC. She is teaching Electronic Arts, Net Art, Contemporary Art, Cyberculture and Integrative Project. She has a Bachelor of Design, Art and Technology and Art and Aesthetics in Videogames from the ORT University.
As a university teacher, researcher, curator, artist and editor, she has developed in recent years different reflective modalities and critical devices that had as their conceptual focus the philosophical notion of inhabiting, the anthropological notion of place, as well as concepts associated with landscaping and architecture in a community key, specifically, what has been called the production of space. She has worked from the elaboration of narratives and poetics that take the form of visual essays, cartographies, installations, ethnography and / or academic research, in conjunction with different supports they are capable of contributing to densify the way of perceiving the elements involved in inhabiting and in the construction / representation of the landscape.

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Expeditions in Specific Territories