Tuned Space / 27th January 2008 / Maria am Ostbahnhof / Berlin / Germany

For a first preview weekend within the framework of this year’s clubtransmediale festival we have put together a programme with artists from across the sound-art spectrum who have been invited to make their own sonic investigations, deconstructions and provocations within the architectural space of the Maria Club itself, taking the audience from the quiet minimal world of found objects and sounds through to the body- and building-crushing power of subsonic rumblings.

The UK’s Dallas Simpson will undertake a detailed and intimate binaural sonic investigation of the urban wasteland around the club, putting the audience directly inside the performer’s head via wireless microphones and headsets. Swedish field-recordist BJNilsen has teamed up with Icelandic cello player Hildur Gudnadottir to explore the minute architectural and structural resonances of the viola and cello instruments and their so-called Wolftones, played out over a multichannel speaker setup. Basque noise-aktionist Mattin declines to state the trajectory of his performance for the evening, as this anti-laptop “Body & Linux” performer prefers the element of surprise to any other. Daniel Menche, hailing from Portland Oregon, USA, similarly involves his body in the production of an overwhelming sound which seeks the limits of both physical tolerance and structural restraint. And finally, Netherlands-based US expatriate Mark Bain will demonstrate his “Vibrasonics” system, a set of subsonic devices designed to inject sound waves into the foundations of a building, challenging our notions of architectural stability and perhaps even bringing the walls crashing down upon us.

Dallas Simpson (UK)
BJ Nilsen
+ Hildur Gudnadottir (S/IS)
Mattin (BASK)
Daniel Menche
Mark Bain

Tickets: 12 €
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