Caitlin DeSilvey is associate professor of cultural geography at the University of Exeter. She is a geographer whose research explores the cultural significance of material change and transformation, with a particular focus on heritage contexts. She worked with artists, archaeologists, environmental scientists and heritage practitioners on a range of interdisciplinary projects, supported by funding from UK research councils (AHRC, EPSRC, NERC), the Royal Geographical Society, the Norwegian Research Council and the European Social Fund. She often uses visual imagery and story-telling to engage people in imagining changing environments and places, and looks to patterns from the past to try to understand what the future might bring. Although much of her research is about how things (and places) fall apart, she is also interested in practices of repair and maintenance that hold things together.
She is coauthor of Visible Mending, coeditor of Anticipatory History and autor of Curated Decay: Heritage Beyond Saving.

Tuned City Messene 2018 – Listening Politics