lecture by Brandon LaBelle (US/DE)

Hinting at notions of temporality, event-situations, and electronic interactions, the auditory contours the built with flexibility and multiplicity, bending spatiality through acoustical additions and sonorous perceptions. While manifest readily in acoustics, such as concert hall and sound studio design, sound and space also interweave within a legacy of sound art and installation projects, electronic music works and a general consideration of the soundscape as integral to the built environment. From the tonality of spaces and the musicalizing of built environments to transmissions and invisible wavelengths, approaching space through sound suggests other dimensions to the experience of architecture. Exploring such dimensions, the sonic arts functions as an ongoing experimentation onto the spatiality of sound, while providing an important platform for social, participatory, and sensory experimental modes for building place.

appearance at Tuned City Preview
Berlin /symposium/26.01.2008 Tuned City