installation by raumlaborberlin
Am Fernsehturm (03.07. 08) Wriezener Bahnhof (04.07. 08)

The city mattress is an installation for the public space. It has an equilateral-triangle pneumatic structure of 15 m length on each side. As a catalytic object it provides the platform for Tuned City on Alexanderplatz and a space where specialists, expert public and passers-by can meet.
As an oversized lying surface it questions the conventions of our behaviour in public space as well as the physical action of the conference participants. The individual participant can listen to the sound of the lecture via headphone in his own language. This situation triggers a stress ratio between individual and temporary collective. The city mattress thus becomes an experimental condensation surface for behaviour patterns in public space.

team Stadtmatratze:
Markus Bader (raumlabor berlin)
Assistenz: Katrin Murbach