lecture by DOC-team Szilvia Kovács (HU) & Carina Lesky (A) & Anamarija Batista (BiH)

The request for more diverse open public spaces supports the development of the walking culture and produces the need for more walking areas and pedestrian sites. It can be observed that “walking” as a practice and an everyday experience is not just a way of movement, but also an active awareness of environment. In the 1960s the Situationist International introduced “walking” as a method to change the city connecting it to the artistic practice. From their point of view, techniques such as the “derive” can stimulate, affect and alter urban structures. In this lecture DOC-team will focus on how the sound artistic practice connects to the practice of walking as well as to contemporary urban planning strategies.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Situational Listening – 29. June 2013