Martin Howse (UK/D)

EDE is conceived as a sonic intervention and examination of different scales of communication, micro-events and larger material interactions. Micro-voltages generated by chemical and biological structures such as algae are sensed and physically amplified as a moving beam of light by a simple mirror galvanometer (mirror and coil) apparatus, coupled to a low power laser. A similar apparatus was used to sense tiny currents crossing the Atlantic on heavy underground cables; the first telegrapic systems bending reflections to signal communication, information transmission. The galvanometer beam is equally sensitive to structural movements in the environment and air currents. The laser beam is configured as a simple, ad-hoc interferometer allowing for measurement and sensing of nanometer movements of the beam to be appreciated directly as sound waves. Feedback through structure and air is unavoidable, as is any excitation of the original environment itself.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Relational Noise – 28. June 2013