Lukas Kühne (D) & Robyn Schulkowsky (US) and workshop participants

This performance will be a lively, pure acoustic space investigation with physical sound sources. Its format is exploratory with sensual and didactic interrelationships. Lukas Kühne and Robyn Schulkowsky, together with workshop participants, utilize unique sub bass marimba keys equipped with monumental sizes resonators as instruments. Architectonically, spaces at and around the Brussels North Train Station will be explored and mapped out according to their tonality. Acoustically, these findings will be included in a transient urban musical-sonotop installation. The aim is to explore the symbiotic relationship between sound and space, between music and architecture. The result is an auditory-spatial-musical-construction that can read and reflect the shape and content of the mapped locations.

for addition information on the workshop see Space and Frequency – Rhythm Lab.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Relational Noise – 28. June 2013