and other instruments by Wessel Westerveld (Der Wexel) (NL)
and Yuri Landman (NL)

The Intonarumori were a family of musical instruments invented in 1913 by the Italian Futurist painter and musical composer Luigi Russolo. They were acoustic noise generators that permitted to create and control different types of noises in dynamic as well as pitch. The invention of the Intonarumori reflected the ideas about the use of noises in music which Russolo expounded in his manifesto L’arte dei Rumori (The Art of Noise). Der Wexel reconstructed a few Intonarumori based on patents, information from museum depots and letters. As new sound machines in which the visual aspect – the object – is a major principle, they illustrate his research into sound and shape.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Relational Noise – 28. June 2013