Felicity Ford (UK) & Valeria Merlini (IT)

Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini will be exploring the sonorities of the city. Based on their first workshop series in March, they produced a radio show with the theme “Listening to Brussels from within and without”. Their second workshop series in June will be focusing on the sounds of the festival and how they intersect with previously documented sounds of the city itself. During the festival aural “refreshers” of the previous day are played at the start of each subsequent day.

The shorts will last 7 – 13 minutes in length, and will be played daily as aural ‘echoes’ from the day before. The shorts will be produced by participants on the Listening to Tuned City from within and without workshop, and will relate the new sounds introduced into Brussels by the festival with the existing soundscape of the city. Interior and exterior perspectives on Tuned City will come in the form of recordings made inside and outside buildings, and in the form of listeners and recordists both native to Brussels and just visiting for the festival.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / daily symposium intro 28–30. June 2013