Marina Rosenfeld (US) & Okkyung Lee (KR)

photo: William Lamson

Marina Rosenfeld’s P.A. for solo performer belongs to a series of installations, of idiosyncratic sculptural sound-systems she’s called simply P.A., that Rosenfeld has mounted in disused and monumental sites since 2009. Equal parts tuned atmosphere and active performance, P.A. has featured an evolving suite of custom loudspeakers, and has been mounted in such places as New York’s Park Avenue Armory and Liverpool’s Renshaw Hall. Cumulatively, the work proposes a kind of alternative history of amplification in space, seeding architectural sites with distortion and reflection, and challenging fantasies of sonic intelligibility, publicness and broadcast. An album version of the project, titled P.A./HARD LOVE, featuring Lee and legendary Jamaican vocalist Annette Henry, a.k.a. Warrior Queen, was recently premiered at The Kitchen in New York and is forthcoming on Room40 in late summer 2013.

appearance at Tuned City
Brussels / Opening Night – 27. June 2013