workshop by Valeria Merlini (IT) & Felicity Ford (UK)

this workshop is free, max 10 participants
start June 26th – please register!

During the workshops in March, Felicity Ford and Valeria Merlini worked with students from R.I.T.S to explore the sonorities of Brussels in advance of the main Tuned City Festival. This workshop involved exploring the sites where Tuned City will take place, and practising a variety of listening techniques adapted from R Murray Schafer, Pauline Oliveros and CRESSON. The workshop emphasis lay on establishing an imaginative and appreciative listening-focussed investigation of the city, and the outcome was a series of experimental shorts, reflecting the students’ engagement with experimental documentation techniques. This work celebrated some of the sounds of Brussels in advance of the festival in June. This first workshop in March also lead to the production of a radio show for framework:afield, which celebrates students’ sonic discoveries of Brussels and conveys an ephemeral impression of the city in sound and which will air as part of the framework:afield broadcast schedule on Friday, 21st June, 01:00, Brussels, on Radio Campus 92.1fm.

The second workshop series in June will be more focussed around the sounds of the festival, and how they intersect with the previously documented sounds of the city itself. This second series of workshops will be much more focussed on documenting Tuned City in real time, and turning radio shorts around overnight, in order to create aural “refreshers” of the previous day, to be played at the start of each subsequent day. The focus for these workshops will be on the practicalities of editing audio to create descriptions and documentation of sound art events.

Experience: This workshop is most suitable for people with some previous field-recording experience; attendees will also need to have some basic editing skills.