live-installation by Julien Clauss
Wriezener Bahnhof / 04.07. 08

Bulles is a sound performance for large outdoor spaces. Spatialized on a mobile and wireless audio device, an ambient electronic music composes a sound extent. It acts to build a space which is renewed continuously and which resounds with the environment. In here, it is especially about the texture and form of the sounds. As tiny eruptions and outdoor drones, the abstract traces and electronic sound presences which cross the space become landscape: they are animated dynamically so that they could be elements of a real environment.
The diffusion is made on a wireless and on battery powered system adapted for big distances (200mx200m).
The performance lenght depends of the power and it lasts approximately 2-3 hours.
It can be interessting to perform on space like the roof of parkhouse, a football place, a parc, a lake …
A nautical version for listener and musiciens on little boats will be created soon. The last performance were played on quadriphonic system, but till july, a fifth point hanged on helium balloon will be developped.