little helpers

acoustic “orientation system” by Will Schrimshaw
all festival locations / 01.07. – 05.07. 08

Little Helpers
draw attention to the resonant properties of matter. They act as vibrational prostheses, extending and enhancing the material force in sound and its impact upon an environment. They occupy architectural spaces, drawing out the audible qualities of architectures that may ordinarily go unheard.

Bodies moving through a space trigger motors, sounding whatever object they are attached to. Movements acquire a resonant trace. The use of movement as a trigger is intended to initiate performative engagement, drawing passersby into interactive exchange and making audible the impact of their movements upon their immediate surroundings.

Quotidian and interstitial spaces such as pavements, corridors and lifts are the preferred locations for installing Little Helpers. They are autonomous units that can be deployed in almost any location (railings, cupboards, fences, hedges, lampposts…). They require little power to function, using their numbers to make up for what they lack in individual power. Readily available materials such as elastic bands, string and sticky tape are used to fasten them to suitable objects. This enables quick deployment in suitable sites. An installation/occupation can be set up and taken down in a short space of time, without requiring lengthy consultations with property owners or institutional support. Their construction is light and flexible in order to allow a greater range applications within diverse spaces.