DKFRF is an ongoing, no-budget event dedicated to field recording and related sound art and electronic music organized by Rinus van Alebeek in some of the most unlikely venues around the city of Berlin. Now in it’s second year, it is coming close to being the most uninstitutional institution in town!

Lasse Marc Riek will liberate the hidden sounds of the city with his ultrasonic microphones. His quest is for places where sounds are unheard.

Richard Francis (aka Eso Steel) has been active as an experimental music composer and improviser since 1996. His work over the years has explored different techniques of sound generation and processing, with a focus on the collection and digital processing of various natural and artificially produced sounds from the surrounding environment.

Harold Schellinx will witness and record the ongoings and report on it once everything is said and done. Schellinx’s performance will take place once everybody has gone home and has returned to their every day duties and pleasures. On the day of the dkfrf itself he will be present with a microphone and his observation skills. His reports will be published in his Soundblog (written and images) and as a sound report on the internetradio raudio.

Soinu Mapa is an open collaboration project. Based on “phonography” or the art of recording of environmental sounds, their aim is to share and exchange fieldrecordings from the Basque Countries. At dkfrf Oier Iruretagoiena and Xabier Erkizia will present Soinu Mapa and use the sounds as a starting point for their performance.

The Phonographic Arkestra
(Wolfgang Dorninger, Richard Eigner, Stefan Messner, Joachim Knoll, Stefan Kushima, Michael Petri, Iduna Sickinger, Johannes Staudinger)